It’s still not too late to preorder Meriwether! Besides getting inside access into the game’s development, you can still score some sweet Meriwether swag! So choose the level that’s right for you and help support an RPG like nothing you’ve played before. Thank you!





Or, donate any amount you want. We’ll give you the rewards in the highest tier that’s less than your donation.


CLOTH MAP: Remember those cloths maps that used to come with RPGs like Ultima? We do. We loved them so. And seeing that mapping was one of the primary missions of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, it seems fitting that we offer to you a Meriwether cloth map of your own. We’re still working on the final art for the game map, but we can promise you that, like all things in this game, it will be optimized to enhance gameplay but derived from the best historical sources that exist.

“PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP” MERIT BADGE: President Jefferson had peace medals specially minted for the Expedition that Lewis and Clark used for trading and gifts. In that same spirit, we’re modernizing the peace medal by offering this exclusive “Peace and Friendship” Merit Badge. Sew in on your bookbag or hat, or better yet, give it to someone with whom you want to make peace and/or initiate a friendship. Betcha it works!

DR. RUSH’S “THUNDERCLAPPERS” (A.K.A. “BILIOUS PILLS”) Before embarking on this adventure Captain Lewis consulted with one of the foremost physicians in the country, Dr. Benjamin Rush, in order to learn how to better treat sick or injured Corps members. Dr. Rush’s advice? Laxatives. But not just any laxatives: Dr. Rush had his own brand of super-purgatives with ingredients such as mercury (!) and jalap that were guaranteed to, shall we say, “inspire evacuation” almost instantly. In honor of one of the finest medical minds of his time, we are offering this commemorative tin celebrating Dr. Rush and his contribution to the nation’s health. NOTE: THE TIN IS FILLED WITH YUMMY CANDY, NOT MERCURY-LACED LAXATIVES! Sorry to disappoint, but we think most of you would prefer the sweet and spicy taste of Red Hots to heavy-metal poisoning.

“THREE NEWFIE MOON” T-Shirt: We’re taking the required Kickstarter t-shirt and cranking it to eleventy with a design based on the greatest t-shirt ever created. (P.S. If you find our t-shirt a little perplexing, please click here, and all will be revealed: The three Newfoundlands featured on the shirt are the actual dogs you’ll be able to choose from as your canine companion in Meriwether.

USB COMPASS: You don’t just want a download code. You want something real, something tangible, something you can clutch in your fist and with a Bond-villain cackle proclaim: “I own this!” We feel you. That’s why we’re making USB drives on which you will find DRM-free copies of the game for PC, Mac, AND Linux (that’s right; you get all three platforms!), as well as the game’s soundtrack. Oh, and the USB? IT’S ALSO A COMPASS! (Note: please do not ever allow your survival to depend solely upon the accuracy of this USB compass.)

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