Nez Perce Country

Written by josh on August 19th, 2010

Last week I traveled to Lewiston, Idaho for the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation’s 42nd annual meeting. “Meeting” is a misnomer, it’s more of a gathering and outing. Imagine a Star Trek Convention, but substitute Clark and Lewis for Spock and Kirk. I had a great time, met interesting people, and saw some beautiful wilderness. As a designer of this game, it’s important to me that I visit these historical places, explore them myself, and understand their nuances, in order to best portray them in the game. Similarly, being with so many like minded people also helps me see different perspectives and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the history and the story.

One of the highlights for me was visiting an archaeological site of a Nez Perce longhouse, and many round houses from the early 19th century, in Hells Canyon. It is likely that these houses were part of the village at which Ordway, Weiser, and Frazer traded for Salmon (which rotted before they could get it back to the Corps!) It’s impossible to see in the photos, but there are depressions in the ground where the houses were.

[site of Nez Perce archaeological site visited by Ordway]

[a young Nez Perce dancer]

[Nez Perce beaded Imperial Stormtrooper!]

[Weippe Prairie, where the Corps of Discovery first met the Nez Perce after coming out of the Bitterroots]


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